Student Alumni Association

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is a student group focused on promoting school spirit and philanthropy, and connecting students with alumni. Established in 2011, SAA works within the UNC Asheville Office of Alumni Relations to enhance the student experience on campus and prepare students for life after UNC Asheville.

What We Do

The Student Alumni Association plans, organizes, and implements events and initiatives that promote spirit, philanthropy, & engagement.

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the Student Alumni Association is to build spirit and pride, connect current students with alumni, educate about and encourage student philanthropy, and enhance the student experience by providing ways to strengthen service and lifelong loyalty to UNC Asheville.

Association Structure

The Student Alumni Association encompasses all current students. The leadership board will be comprised of 2-4 students from each class, for a total of 8-16 students. Juliana Grassia from Alumni Relations serves as the main advisor.


  1. Planning, organizing, and implementation of at least two events in the fall semester and two events in the spring semester. These events will be integral in supporting and promoting the mission of the Student Alumni Association
  2. Attendance at regular meetings
  3. Representing SAA at key campus events like Weeks of Welcome, Rockypalooza, National Alumni Council Meetings, athletic events, Career Center functions, and Homecoming


  1. Experience with building professional relationships
  2. Access to networking and professional development opportunities with the National Alumni Council and university administrators
  3. Training in the importance of philanthropy and lifelong relationships with your alma mater
  4. Experience in event planning and management

How to Apply

Interested in joining our leadership board? Contact or fill out this application form

Contact Us

The Student Alumni Association Contact Information

Office: 118 W.T. Weaver Blvd, 2nd Floor, Room 218

Meetings are open to all students and take place on Tuesdays from 6pm to 7pm. Locations vary. Contact us for more information.