A Statement of Solidarity from the UNC Asheville Alumni Association

The UNC Asheville Alumni Association condemns racism. We are devastated by the violence that senselessly snatched away the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others. And when we say their names, we know that they are just a few of many names that need to be uplifted and remembered.

Last week, the Alumni Association participated in the “muting” of our social media channels to actively listen to the voices of our Black and African American students, alumni, faculty, and staff who are grieving, speaking out, and sharing evidence of how racism persists in our nation. This choice was made to give space to your voices, so they could be better heard.

We are listening and we hear you. We stand with you.

Your Alumni Association is also here for you: to encourage thoughtful discourse among our community members, to amplify the voices and experiences of our black alumni, to compile and share educational resources, and to create meaningful connections between alumni of all races, generations, and backgrounds. Together, our Bulldog community can move forward by providing a safe space to have difficult conversations and help create meaningful change.

We encourage you, our alumni, to engage.

The Alumni Association Board of Directors serves to provide support and take action, representing all of our community members and building meaningful bridges back to our alma mater. This is the first in a series of social media posts and communications that you will receive inviting you to participate by listening, learning, and taking action in solidarity. We welcome your voice. We stand together!

 Kenya Edwards ‘00, Alumni Board of Directors, Chair

Cortland Mercer ‘11, Alumni Board of Directors, Chair-elect

Interested in getting involved? Email us at alumni@unca.edu.