SAA General Assembly members are asked to give a gift in exchange for membership. The amount of the gift is based on the years of membership. The gift can be destignated to any area of campus, through givecampus. A confirmation email will be asked to be provided to grant membership. 

  • 1 year membership: $10 gift to givecampus
  • 2 year membership: $15 gift to givecampus
  • 3 year membership: $20 gift to givecampus
  • 4 year membership: $25 gift to givecampus


  1. Access to networking and professional development opportunities with alumni, the UNCA Alumni Board of Directors and university faculty & staff.
  2. Experience in event planning and program management (looks fantastic on a resume!) 
  3. Training in the importance of philanthropy and lifelong relationships with your alma mater
  4. Exclusive access to special events like the semi-annual Bulldog Connections
  5. Exclusive SAA t-shirts


For General Assembly

  • Regular attendance at General Assembly Meetings and events
  • Be a member of at least one committee (Alumni Connections, Student Engagement or Philanthropy)
  • Assist with the planning, organization and implementation of your specific committee’s events

For Executive Board

  • Attendance at Executive Meetings, General Assembly Meetings and all events (please notify Chair and Advisor if you are unable to attend)
  • Work as a team to oversee the overall planning, organizing, and implementation of all events.
  • Representing SAA at key campus events like Rockypalooza, Admitted Students Day, Alumni Board of Directors meetings, Homecoming, etc.

Please note, for the Fall 2020 semester, all Student Alumni Association events will be held virtually. 

How To Join

Interested in joining our leadership board or becoming a volunteer? Please contact Jackson Myers at

Meetings are open to all students and take place on Thursday's from 6pm to 7pm. Locations vary. Please contact us for more information.