Online Halloween Costume Contest

And the winner is...

We all know UNC Asheville graduates are wickedly creative, so we hosted an Online Halloween Costume Contest to see what our alums came up with this year. Check out the frightenly fabulous results below! And guess what? All of our submissions were so great that we decided everyone who participated deserves to win courtside basketball tickets! 

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Chip on my Shoulder

By Zachary Winecoff ‘09
We’ve got to say, this was a seriously creative one.

Papa John’s Pizza and Retired Franchise Owner, Peyton Manning

By Clare Innes ‘14 & Josh Owen ‘14
Better education. Better alumni. UNC Asheville.

3 Musketeers

Tiffany Drummond Armstrong ‘99 & Michael Lee Armstrong ‘01
These guys certainly are Big on Chocolate.

The Beast from Beauty and the Beast

Jared McGee ‘07
Alumni are ALWAYS welcome to be our guest.

The Wizard of Oz

Jacqueline Lowe ‘13 and Ellie Johnston ‘10
According to this alum, they’re off to ask the Wizard for a climate change solution.

Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion

Rachael Beach Hollifield​ ‘08
It looks like the cowardly lion shrunk from our last submission!

Construction Worker

By Eric Ward ‘00
Remind us to watch out for machetes the next time we’re on a construction site.

Catman from Kiss

Dave Huskins ‘72
I want to trick or treat all night and eat candy everyday!


Hannah Criswell ‘16
The llama love is strong in this one.

Wacky Inflatable Tube Guy

Bryant Ly ‘17
We really thought this was Gumby, but Wacky Inflatable Tube Guy works too!

UNC Asheville Basketball Player

Samantha Winecoff ‘10
And of course, repping our Bulldog athletes! Who's excited about their courtside tickets?!