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Molly de Mattos

Class of 2002

After almost a decade of selling houses, Molly de Mattos ’02 knows the secret to putting clients in the home of their dreams: listening. 

Molly co-founded her real estate business eight years ago before joining with business parter Matt Tavener. Together they form The Matt & Molly Team, selling homes in the Asheville area. Real estate makes a huge impact on people’s lives, Molly says, so she takes the time to really listen to her clients and find the right home for them. It’s a skill she picked up at UNC Asheville.

“UNC Asheville was a place that really encouraged a lot of interaction because of the nice, small class sizes,” she says. “The ability to learn how to not only speak intellectually in a group of people, but also really listen to what others were saying to have a true conversation really helped me not only early on in my real estate career but even now over 8 years into it!” 

But that wasn’t the only skill Molly picked up at UNC Asheville. As a student athlete on the track team, she learned how to balance work and personal life. Now the two go hand-in-hand. “That way, you never really feel like you're working. It's all integrated into my life, just like being an athlete in college,” she says. 

Molly studied literature and creative writing. She recalls feeling overwhelmed by one class with Dr. Merit Moseley, who ended up giving her some of the best advice of her life. 

“I went to talk to him to figure out what I should do and he told me, ‘Do what you want,'re an adult!’ It seems simple, but it was one of those moments for me,” she says. “From that moment on, I decided I would actually do what was best for me. It's that kind of mindset that prepared me to be able to quit a full time job to pursue a commission only position in Real my business partner and I are some of the top agents in The Asheville Board of Realtors!”

Molly credits much of her success to UNC Asheville and this year made her first gift to her alma mater. She chose to support scholarships as a way to show her gratitude for the financial support she received 15 years ago.  

“UNC Asheville is an outstanding school,” she says. “If my donation can help make the school even better or help support what goes on there or even help a kid get a scholarship, then of course I'm going to donate!”

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